All Members of the Adoption Triad are Welcome!!

To the New Mexico Adoption Registry. This page is dedicated to everyone who has been affected by the adoption process in NM. We welcome you as part of our family and are here to give you help in your search.

We are also a volunteer search and support group. We do not support paid searches; we are here to support eachother and not benefit financially from family searches. You can join our Mailing List group through Yahoo groups- The "paid search" practice is discouraged and solicitation will not be tolerated in our group.

We Are All Bound By Adoption
The yellow field and red symbol colors are the colors of Spain. First brought to New Mexico by Spanish explorers in 1540. On New Mexico's flag we see a red sun with rays streching out from it. There are four groups of rays with four rays in each group. This is an ancient sun symbol of a Native American people called the Zia. The Zia believed that the giver of all good gave them gifts in groups of four. These gifts are:

The four directions - north, east, south and west.
The four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter.
The day - sunrise, noon, evening and night.
Life itself - childhood, youth, middle years and old age.

All of these are bound by a circle of life and love, without a beginning or end.


You are goose number: