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This page is dedicated to any adoptees searching that have direct ties to NM. Send us your Non-Id or Id information that you have. A concise paragraph format would be appreciated. We will post it on this site as soon as possible.


Sharon Ann White-Texas.I was born female on May 14, 1949 in Albuquerqe, New Mexico. I am in search of my birth parents.The doctor's name was Dr. Schilling.

Donna Marie Brown. My birth name is Jo Ellen Greeley, I was born July 3, 1950 at St. Mary's Hospital in Roswell, NM. My Bparents weremarried and had 2 other daughters, Teresa Elaine Greeley, born 1/31/48 and Eleanor Susan Greeley, born 2/11/49. Birth mom's name is Ann Ray Chancy (maiden name), birth dad's name is Francis Joseph Greeley Jr. He was a Sgt. in the Air Force at time of my birth. My bparents couldn't afford to keep another child and left me with a babysitter with some things of mine to be kept with me (which I still have!) I apparently was not eating very well, so was taken to Dr. Steve Marshall. He had me put on goats milk. Through the Dr. my adoptive parents found out about me. He knew they were looking to adopt. They went to the babysitters house to see me and it was instant love on both sides. Afather was also in the Air Force. My aparents names are Sam & Loretta Brown. My adoptive name is Donna Marie Brown.They took me home at the age of 3 mos. The adoption was finalized in Oct. 1951 through an attorney, no name available, but adoption wasthrough Chavez County Court. Birth parents were from Texas before they came to NM. I have blond hair and blue eyes. My Amom says my bdad also had blond hair and blue eyes and that the one sister they met was also blond with blue eyes. I was raised and dearly loved in a Christian home and will be forever grateful that I was chosen to be adopted by them. I want to let my birth family know what a wonderful life I have had and I would just love to meet them and wrap my arms around them and say thank you for bringing me into this world. I know I have a younger brother too, but have no other infoabout him. I have always wanted a brother but just never knew I did until my birthday this year! I found out I was adopted when I was 40 yrs. old. My aparents started to tell me when I was young but said I got angry so they decided to wait until Iwas older, but then never got around to telling me or my adoptive sister. Everyone knows now and all is well! The only sad part is my adoptive father passed in 1980, so I never got to tell him thank you! I would like to let my birth family know thatI respect the decision they made all those years ago and I hold no resentment, just lots of love yet to be shared. I have four wonderful children of my own and a grand baby on the way. I am interested in any medical background and heritage information as well. My name is Donna M. Hooker, my email address is or my webpage is http://www/ Please feel free to visit my web page. I have pictures there and would like to share with anyone interested.

Jim-Artesia. I was born in Roswell, NM in St. Mary's hosp. My aparents are the only ones listed on my NM Birth Cert. I'm sure this was a "private" adoption and will probably never find out WHO my biological's were/are. I'm NOT having any health problems, just curious.

Adrienne-I really would like to find my birth parents and see if I have any brothers and sisters. I was born in Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque.

10/19/51 I really dont know a whole lot about my bfamily. All I know is what my adopted mother was told by social services and that is that my parents were pursuing their careers and didn't have time for a child. I was taken from the hospital to the orphanage where I stayed until I was 2 months old; that is when i was adopted. I was born at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque. I was adopted by a couple who were foster parents and had been for some time, Bill and Nita miller. I have not wanted to find my bparents because i have had a wonderful warm christian upbringing, living most of my life on the navajo reservation in Crystal, NM. My dad has been gone for 18 years and my mom is 81 and has been encouraging me to search for my bfamily. I have 3 children 28, 22, 20 and 1 grandson 3. My children have wanted me to search for my bfamily for along time, I would like to know if my bfamily has any simliarities, or illness I need to know about.I just want to put my arms around my bfamily and tell them I love them.

Diana (Darnell) Hintz- Frank C. Darnell (my bfather)married to Betty Lou Dean (my bmother)(date unknown)I believe they were married in New Mexico. He was stationed at Sandia Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico as an Airman 2nd Class. I was born, Diana Lynne Darnell, at Sandia Air Force Base Hospital. My brother was born in 1954 in Phoenix Arizona (same bparents)My bparents got divorced (date unknown). I believe in Phoenix Arizona. In 1963, my stepfather (Ralph Morris Hintz) adopted my brother and me and changed our last name to "Hintz". That adoption took place in Phoenix Arizona. I don't remember a lawyer or agency, I just remember going in front of the judge and answering some questions.

Michelle Yates-I am looking for my husband's birth family. He was born in Alamagordo and given the birth name of Robert Michael Kleck. My email address is

Born, Male Dickerson. Adopted in Albuquerque 3/4/58. Searching for Bparents. Need medical history.

Dori Rodriguez's abrother-Your date of birth is listed as June 6, 1957. You were born in Socorro, NM, no other birth info is available. You were relinquished for adoption on July 18, 1957, after your BMom learned that her Aid to Dependant Children grant would only increase by ten dollars once you were included in the budget. She did not believe that she could raise another child on an extra ten dollars. You were placed in the Louis Griego foster home on July 25, 1957 and remained in that home until you were placed with your adoptive family on September 27, 1958 by the Department of Public Welfare. Your BMom was 24 and married but not living with her husband at the time of your birth. She was of Spanish and Indian descent, Catholic and a housekeeper. She had a fourth grade education and it is unknown if she ever worked outside of the home. Your mother had 2 brothers and one sister. Her mother, your grandmother, had one year of education but had taught herself to read and to do mathematics. Your grandmother was of Spanish descent. The only info.about your grandfather is that he was of Indian descent, his tribal affiliation was unknown. Your mother had given birth to 7 children prior to your birth. Here children were: 9 yr old female, living with her paternal grandmother, Female deceased of unknown causes at 7 months,6 yr old female living at home, 4 yr old male placed for adoption, 3 yr old female placed for adoption,2 yr old female being raised by a family known to your mother, and a 14 month old male living at home. It appears that all of these children would be half siblings to you. Your mother married in 1948 but only lived with her husband for a few months due to marital problems. Her husband was incarcerated in the State Penitentiary in 1951 and was transferred to a mental hospital in 1952 where he remained at the time this info was gathered. Your mother was hesitant to name your BFather and it was thought that she used a fictitious name. The record does not contain a physical description of your mother and it is not known if she ever served in the military. She is named in the record.

Cindy Perez born in Albuquerque, NM. Her mother was only 20 years old at time of her birth. She was of Latino Culture&Race. She was a worked as a CarHop in Albuquerque New Mexico back in 1958? Her Birth Mother dropped out of high school when she was 16 years old. I believe her mom's Maiden Name was Hildago or Hildalgo? Her Bmom listed her address as 413 Albuquerque New Mexico. When I checked Property Tax Records it does show that a Blakes Lotto Burger is at a 413 in Albuq? Could it be the same place where her birth mom worked as a CarHop? Her Birth father was 36 years old Irish and German. Was told he was a Military Police Officer in Albuquerque NM and was married.

Dori Rodriguez-
Here is what I am looking for in Santa Fe. My BMom told me my BF's name was Norman Smith. He supposedly went into the service and was killed. That would have been during the Korean war. I have checked the veterans from NM killed in the Korean War and didn't find his name. I have checked the SSDI and haven't found anything. I thought if someone could check the city directories for 1951-1952 for any Smiths in Santa Fe with a son named Norman that would be a starting point. It makes me wonder if he's really dead.

Jan is ISO her bmom First Name: Antoinette (Toni) Last Name: Unknown (but strange sounding) Gave birth to triplets in Roswell, NM, 2 survived. Toni has twins 6 1/2 months older and a boy 2 years older. One of the twins is deaf. She may be somewhere in the Ohio area working as a bartender. She had to have been at least 21 when Jan was born as she was originally located using voter registration records for Chaves County, New Mexico.
---Jan is also ISO her bdad who could be either Toni's legal husband at the time or a man who was a military MP at Walker AFB in 1959. Supposedly it is the MP.

F/ad born 6/2/60 in Roswell, adopted at birth. Bmother's surname is "Strong". contact:

Holly Mais-Denver, CO. I am a NM adoptee in search of my birth father, Frank Carter, who is from "near Waycross, GA". He was stationed at Holloman AFB as support Personnel and was in the Army's 116th Signal Battalion. If you have any ideas or suggestions on finding him, please email me @

Male adoptee born at Lovelace Medical Center, ISO Bfamily. Michael ~

***REUNITED**** Joan-born Joan Mary or Joan Marie Wall in Farmington (San Juan) county. The name on the baby bracelet was Mary Moore (bmom?)

Vickie-Sherman, Texas. I was born March 7, 1963 in San Miguel county. I was adopted in September of 1967. I spent three years in an orphanage. I lived in Hobbs, NM for most of my life. All I know about my b-mother is she was 18 years old when she had me. If anyone has any information about this, they can e-mail me at

Male adoptee born in Albuquerque, 3-19-63, ISO Bparents. Dr. Lee Farris/Rundles was the DR of record. Brad ~

Coleen Call-N.M.I was born in Lovinton N.M. I am in a duty station in N.C. This is great it will help a lot of people out and less red tape from our state. I am ISO BIRTH FAMILY, born 6:57pm, Female, 6.5lbs.

Christopher Cogswell- D.O.B. 2-21-1964, Albuquerque NM. Birth mother was young, 15-16 yrs. old. Very unusual arrangement with Catholic services concerning this adoption.Adoptive parents in military.Searching for medical reasons, I have children, married and happy. Open to the development of a relationship. Interested in finding out about my natural father as well as all extended family members. Thank you for giving me to the most wonderful couple and the healthy, happy home they provided for me and my two brothers ( also adopted ). I know that the decision to let go was a painful one.

Adoptee-Atlanta- GA (currently)
I have just begun my search for my birth mother. I also believe that I have a sister who would currently be 39 years old. I was born in Albuquerque NM on 04/24/64 at Presbyterian Hospital. I am female.

Male adoptee iso bmother. Born 5-18-1964, in Socorro(?).

Nancy Adeline Cole-Las Cruces, NM. I was born in San Antonio, TX on May 31, 19964, but my adoption was finalized in Albuquerque, NM. I am looking for my birthparents.

Lori- Female adoptee in search of bparents.Born in Roswell and adopted at birth. Afather was in Air Force and mother worked in town factory. Bmother was beautician, 19yrs. old, from PA.

Robert- Male adoptee in search of bfamily. Born in Silver City. Adopted through social services.

Leona Higgins (Bowles)-Okc, Okla. I was born in Albuquerque on 2-10-65 (according to my "birth certificate"). I am looking for bparents and/or siblings. I was adopted by wonderful parents who joined our Lord a few years ago. I am happy, healthy and looking for any info about my biological family.

Megan Kathleen Johnson-Scott: My bio-mother's first and middle name: Sandra or Sondra(first name) Lucille(middle name).Age at time of my birth: 20 to 25 yrs. Her month of birth: December. Her occupation: Clerical- possible a receptionist. Her families' country of origin: Wales. My bio-father's age at time of my birth: Mid 30's Bio-father's occupation: military(branch unknown) I was born at St. Joseph's hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If she or my bio-father should happen to personally find my posting(s), I want them to know that I hold no resentment. I had a good childhood and never had to do without. I also have a very good marriage and a marvelous extended family on my husband's side. My main goals are medical history, finding out if I have any brothers or sisters, and for my bio-parents to know that they are "OK" in my book.

Shana Cheyne-Spur, TX. I was born in Ft.Worth, TX 4/16/65 "Baby Girl Berry" and placed through Homestead Agency to a family in Hobbs, NM. Adoption was finalized in NM in 1966. Am in search of any birth family. My birth mother's name may have been Alice Bauder.

Michael Suber-Albuquerque, NM. I was born on 4-22-65 in New Orleans and was officially adopted in NM - in search of birthmother.

Elizabeth- I was born in Alamogordo. I am in search of bparents and siblings.

Shelby Norman-Texas, Searching for birth parent(s). I was born in Portales, NM, Jefferson Memorial Hospital, delivered by Mercedes F. Altizar (sp?). My husband and I would love to start our own family. However, I would like to know more about my medical background.

Shelly-NM. I am trying to help sister-in-law find birthmother. As far as she knows she was born in Clovis, NM on March 28, 1967.

I was born 9/13/67 at the Eastern Medical Center in Roswell, NM. My aparents were from Alburquerque. I believe my bmoms name was Peggy Williams and she was 35yrs. old Possible that she had one child older than me. My Aaunt was in the same hospital at the time of my birth and after delivering me, Dr. Hysop, went to my Aaunts room and told her about me. My Aparents lived in Albuquerque. The adoption was handled through an attorney and was told that wither my bmom or bdad was somehow affiliated with a local university.

Allen Wade-Albuquerque, NM
Male, I was adopted through through a service, (not sure of name), that was formerely located in "Old Town". Mother and Father both college students, so I am told. I would very much like to find my birth parents.

I am a male born at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque. I am in search of my bparents/siblings. The adoption was private and I think it may have been "last minute" since my amom was notified after my birth. I mainly want info, especially medical. I just want to know. MSC~

Michelle-female adoptee born in Albuquerque. In search of bparents. Judge Gallegos presided over my adoption.
Marissa Newsome-Texas. Searching for a friend born in N.M.. Born 7-16-69. Bernallio County Hospital. (?) Possible birth mother name 'MONTOYA'. Immigrant from SPAIN.

Linda Garza-Albuquerque,NM. I was born at the University of NM Hospital. I believe my mother's name is (was) Patricia Gonzalez. I would like to find both my mother and father.

Lynnette Rogers-.Colorado I am in search of my birthparents. I was born at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque and placed for adoption throughChapparal. I have a wonderful family but would love to find any birth relatives.

Female adult born in Albuquerque. In search of bparents. I was born at San Bernalillo Co. Hospital. DHHS handled my adoption. Bmother listed as Janis/Janice Bender. The first name is correct, but the last name is an alias. Any info. appreciated.

Mark Carter-I am an adoptee curious about his birthparents. I was born on 12/15/71 at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque. I know I was born around 9:00 pm.

Jesse- Male adoptee born in Albuquerque. In search of bparents. Adoption handled by Chapparal Adoption Agency.

Christina Valiente-Albuquerque. I was born 2/4/73 in Albuquerque to a very young mother (who was 14years old). I'd be interested in any information available re: my birth family.

Sean E.-Albuquerque, NM. I was born on May 10,1973 in Carlsbad,NM. I was adopted by two loving parents, but I've always wanted to meet any birth relatives that may be out there-Thanks and God Bless!!

Tiffin-I was born (05/24/73, 12:59 PM) at Presbyterian Hosp. in ABQ. and adopted through Chapparal Adoption Agency. They lied to my birthmother when I was born and told her I was a boy. I'm still waiting for a response from ourlast correspondence.....whenever you're ready, I am.

Byron K. Radley-Born In Roswell New Mexico August 17, 1974, searching for either birth parent.

Kathy-Female adoptee born in Albuquerque. I believe I was born in St. Joseph's Hospital, but I am not sure. My mother, who was 16 at the time, used a midwife. My father was 18 or 19. My aparents went through a private agency called Chapparal. I'm looking for any/all info. on by bfamily.

I am Misty, searching for birth family, I was born in LasCruces, NM and just getting brave enough to start my search with force or flight.

Tawny Statzer-Kansas City, MO. I was born in Albuquerque, in St. Joseph's on 5/4/77 at 6:19pm. My bmom was 16. My bdad was 21..Am desperately searching. Anyone will info please get in touch ASAP Thanks

****REUNITED****Steven was born at South Community Hospital, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His birth mother is of American Indian descent. She was 17 years old at the time of his birth. The adoption was done privately through an attorney. We connected with the birth mother through the school guidance counselor. Our husbands were co-workers. Our last contact with the birth mother was March of 1980. In 1997, we were able to open the birth records and enroll Steven with the Navajo Nation, at Crown Point, NM. At the time of his birth, there was an Uncle and Great Aunt in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. A Grandmother in Canada. A Grandfather in Albuquerque, NM and a Great Grandmother somewhere on the Navajo Reservation.

Kimberly was actually born on the way to the hospital. She was delivered in the doctor's office. Mother and baby were then transported by ambulance to the hospital in Las Cruces, NM. Her birth mother was 40 years old at time of Kimberly's birth. She is of Mexican descent. Her husband was of Spanish descent and a disabled veteran. He was killed in a car accident before Kimberly's birth. We estimate the time between November of 1980 and February of 1981. There are three older siblings that were teenagers at the time of her birth. The family
resided in the area of Hatch, NM. Kimberly was privately adopted through the Chapparal Agency in Albuquerque, NM.

Toni-I am searching for my birthfather, I was born in Roswell, NM. His name is Philip Merlino. he was staioned at Roswell in 1956-1958. He got out
of the service in early '58. Returned back home to New York in the fall of '58. He is approxmiately 61yrs has one sister by the name of Toni, no other
known siblings. If anyone knows this person, please let him know I am looking for him. As he is aware of my birth.

Joyce Crow Sizemore-Georgia.

This request being made by wife of "Baby Boy Jaramillo, born 1/29/50, Doctors Hospital, Albuquerque, NM. Do not want to interfere with birth parents or their families, but would like information. "Baby Boy is very happy with present mother and has had a good life.

I'm Danielle Kraemer, searching for my birth parents, Lance Thompson and Lolly Campbell. I was born 4/8/85 in Santa Fe, NM. My parents were between 12 and 14 years old, and gave me up for adoption to Edwina and Peter Kraemer a few days after my birth. Any information can go to


I am writing on behalf of my husband, Paul Craig Wesson. We current'y live in Texas. He was born August 22,1969 at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. We know his birth mother was Linda E. Soncrant and he was reunited with her before she passed away in October of 2000. We are looking for his birth fater though. Before Linda died she promised to tell him who his birth father was and she didn't. The day before she died she said the man's name was Paul Zwiebeck, however she was hallucinating off and on so we don't know if this is true or not.

Linda was a school teacher in Pomona, CA at the time she got pregnant. Evidentally the father knew about Paul as he contacted her parents and told them he wanted to marry her, according to a recollection by Linda's mother. She was in the Pomona area at least in the fall of 1968. I don't know what she taught then but she later taught math. We would like ANY informaiton that anyone has on Paul's father or Linda's activities in fall 1968. Anything would be helpful. We would especially like a medical history and to know if Paul has any family on birth fater's side. We have been re-united with 2 younger half siblings on his maternal side and enjoy quite a wonderful relationship with them. Please contact us at , or write to Pail Wesson P.O. Box 442 Leander, TX 78646-0442

My name is Roberta Shimabukuro. I was born in St. Joseph's Hospital on 9 July 1952. I am searching for my Borth mother. My adoptive parents' names were Robert S. Hall and Marcelle Hall.

My sister was born on Labor day weekend (September) on a Sunday in 1979. My mom's not sure exactly the date. My sister was born at Presbyterian
hospital in Albuqerque and my mom was 21 years old. The father's last name is Bryant. The adoption agency that they went through was Chaparral.
Contact me

My name is Sam Bikkers and I currently live in Salem Virginia, I was born in Belen New Mexico on 9-9-65, I believe Tibo Chavez in Belen handled the adoption. My adoptive parents were from Carlsbad, NM. Contact